Combat Protocol

Group Initiative

Combat will be based on group initiative using the following method:

  • All combatants will roll for initiative normally.
  • The average initiative for each group will be calculated.
  • Groups will take turns based on this computed initiative.
  • Within groups actions will be resolved according to initiative/dexterity/name order if required.
  • See also Conditional Actions below.

Conditional Actions

The DM believes that conditional actions used well will help improve the pace of combat and the overall enjoyment of it. As such the DM will be very forgiving of mistakes or misinterpretations resulting from conditional statements.

Conditional actions example for Caius…

Condition: Another PC works with me so I gain Combat Advantage over Bad Guy 1
Caius takes his movement (see grid) and as soon as he has Combat Advantage uses Jaws Of The Wolf and Twin Strike.%
Insert attack/damage roll information here

Now if it turns out that no one helps Caius get CA the DM is going to be really liberal with Caius choosing an alternative. Or with time constraints. Or default/proxy actions.

Basically anything you do to make combat more seamless, expeditious and enjoyable is going to receive liberal, favourable interpretation from the DM.

Posting Rate

All PCs must post their combat actions…

  • Within 24 hours of the DM announcing “Player Turn X starts now!”
  • Players should not wait for other players to announce their turn, unless their tactics strictly require it. In this case the tactics should be work out in advance.
  • Players who fail to post their actions with 24 hours become subject to the “Action Default” rules below.

Action Default

When players fail to post their combat actions with the allocated time the DM will consider them to be in default of their action. If the player has taken no measures to safeguard against this then the DM may choose any action for their character. This might be running in fear, a Melee Basic Attack, standing frozen in fear or anything else that seems appropriate to the DM at the time.

As such the DM strongly recommends players define both Proxy Players and Default Actions for their characters. Both Proxies and Defaults may be changed at any time by posting on the combat thread, sending the DM a private message or sending the DM an email. The current proxies and defaults will always be listed in the second post of a combat thread.

Proxy Players

Players may nominate other players to act in their stead if they haven’t taken their actions within an appropriate amount of time.

Proxy example for Adam: Proxy: If I haven’t posted my actions within 18 hours any other player may act in my stead.
Proxy example for Caius: Proxy: I will be away for a week, during this time bdragon will be my proxy.

Default Actions

In addition to a proxy, players may nominate actions their character will take if no one else acts in the stead.

For example…
Proxy example for Caius: Default Actions: Shift to keep myself between the current opponent and my most threatened ally if possible. Attack with Jarring Smash.

On perfection…

Don’t worry about covering every eventuality or about making little mistakes. This is probably a lot easier than it reads.

If there’s a mistake or misunderstanding the DMs going to be very forgiving interpreting this simply because you tried. So don’t sweat the small stuff.

Roll It All, Post It

When you use the roller to send your rolls bundle them up! Roll all your attacks and damages together. This saves a lot of time.

Here’s an example on using the roller…

Email address 1:
Show Results: Both
Summary of Rolls: Twin Strike for Tharr

Roll One

  • Number of Rolls: 2
  • Dice Type: 1d20+8
  • Rolls per Line: 1
  • Comment: Twin Strike attack rolls

Roll Two

  • Number of Rolls: 2
  • Dice Type: 1d6+4
  • Rolls per Line: 1
  • Comment: Twin Strike damage rolls

Once you’ve posted the rolls feel free to summarise them in your post, if you’d like to share them with your team mates.

BTW if folks want I can set up a simple mailing alias that all “public” rolls (including monster rolls) can go to. Let me know if there’s any interest.

Combat Protocol

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