Character Builds and Options

Character Generation

  • Starting Level 6
  • Inherent Bonuses
  • Standard CBLoader point buy attributes
  • Item/gold options. Choose one of the following…
    • Package A
      • 3,200gp to spend as you will
      • 250gp extra for a decent backstory
    • Package B
      • 500gp
      • 1x Level 5 common item
      • 1x Level 6 common item
      • 1x Level 7 common item
      • 250gp extra for a decent backstory

Allowed Content

  • Everything from WotC.index.
  • Add the campaign part file to your CBLoader.
  • Homebrew content by negotiation – it’ll need to be available in CBLoader tho.
  • Characters to be supplied by .dnd4e file
  • Please do come up with a character portrait.

Backstory Requirements

  • At least a brief backstory for each character is required, including how they came to be in the start location. A few sentences may be enough. You may feel inspired to do a few pages.
  • I expect most folks will just do a paragraph or two and embellish on the fly as the game progresses.

Roleplay Feats

  • Every PC may elect to take one “roleplaying feat”.
  • By definition this feat must have no/minimal combat relevance.
  • The feat must be negotiated with the DM – gaining it must be explained in the PCs backstory.
  • Currently accepted roleplay feats include…
    • Alchemist
    • Ancient Lore of the Dawn War
    • Armor Finesse
    • Armored Endurance Training
    • Armored Swiftness Training
    • Building Camaraderie
    • Disciple of Lore
    • Far Thought
    • Foreign Memories
    • Jack-of-All-Trades
    • Linguist
    • Low-Light Adaptation
    • Restful Healing
    • Underdark Climber
    • Mark of Detection
    • Mark of Hospitality
    • Mark of Scribing
    • Skill Training Feats
    • Skill Focus Feats
  • Some feats are borderline and will be assessed on a case-by case basis…
    • Feats which grant additional Channel Divinity powers, without changing the number of time the character can use Channel Divinity in an encounter
    • Others by negotiation

Character Builds and Options

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